Sylla Music

ABOU SYLLA | Master Percussionist | Austin


Abou Sylla is an international performer from a long line of griots (traditional musicians) in Guinea. He was a member of Les Ballets Africains, the prestigious national dance company of Guinea, for six years during which he played not one, but five instruments – the balafon, djembe, krin, doundoun and bote. Abou is based out of Austin, Texas and is dedicated to sharing his passion for African music and culture through performance, teaching, choreography and instrument-building.

This region of West Africa is home to traditional instruments such as the djembe, doundouns, and balafon, as well as many rhythms, songs and dances. Past students experienced music, dance and instruments in their traditional context, and learned from masters who not only have amazing knowledge and skills passed down through generations, but also have deep connections to the region’s musical history.