Sylla Music

ABOU SYLLA | Master Percussionist | Austin

Bramaya - Bramaya is the musical project of Austin-based West African master percussionist Abou Sylla. Named in honor of his father’s village, Abou’s dance and drum troupe, Bramaya, combines new musical ideas and traditional West African rhythms.  

Bramaya has performed at Wobeon World Music Festival, the Austin Music Museum Festival, Honk!TX, and schools, universities and private events.

Performances - Bramaya offers group music and dance performances and Abou offers solo performances. Abou performs on five West African instruments, the balafon, djembe, doundoun, krin and bote. They perform in venues ranging from concert halls to universities to festivals to private events.

Workshops - Abou provides interactive and fun music, drum and dance workshops for adults and children of all skill levels in a variety of settings, from universities and schools to festivals to private events. Abou provides instruction on the balafon, djembe, doundoun, krin and bote as well as West African dance instruction.

Information and Booking - For more information on Bramaya and Abou, check out the videos below and visit us on Facebook. To learn more about booking an event, email